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Cotton ♥

Rainbow Polaroid

common flair head wings
common missing tail wings
requited love type ♡ beast


Cotton is a very sweet and energetic Lovedrop!
She doesn't take things seriously in life but her intentions are good for the most part.
She can be very naive at times and is also easily influenced but she is trying her best to be more self-aware!

Cotton is also a bit of a sweet tooth. A little bit would be an understatement because she LOVES sweets more than anything else in the world. Which explains why she seems to always be energetic all the time.
She loves to share as well so if anyone feels like they're in need of some candy, Cotton is your go-to girl!


♡ Candy/Sweets
♡ Friends!!
♡ Rainbows
♡ Coloring in her coloring books


x Bullies
x Bitter Chocolate
x The Sea (it scares her abit)
x Having to wear pants


This is Cotton's current outfit! Although, not required when drawing her~

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